Lancaster County Office of Aging

Lancaster County Office of Aging
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Address: 150 North Queen Street, Lancaster, 17603
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The agency offers a wide range of home- and community-based services to ensure the health, safety, and independence of those needing assistance with long-term living. Largely funded and mandated by state and federal sources, services include personal care and home support, protective services, transportation, senior community centers, health/benefits insurance counseling, and many more.

Our programs meet many types of needs and range from basic help to the provision of skilled care. All services are intended to keep older persons at home, where they most often want to remain.

Older adults and their families might first encounter the agency through the Information and Referral (I&R) unit. I&R staff identify needs and locate available resources, explain agency services, and answer questions about aging related issues and policies. The I&R unit also performs the intake function for all Office of Aging programs.

When contacting the office on behalf of an older adult, please consider including the name and date of birth of the person(s) needing services. This is optional, and the information will remain confidential.  It will help intake staff to more quickly identify the most appropriate response to your request.

Office of Aging Mission
Our goal is to provide needed assistance to older persons and their families in the most appropriate and least restrictive manner, enabling them to maintain dignity and independence. Individuals may be asked to share in the cost of services, depending upon their financial resources.

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