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The Reel Deal - 50plus LIFE
  • The Reel Deal: Cry Macho

    The new Clint Eastwood film Cry Macho— he directs and stars in it — is based on N. Richard Nash’s 1975 novel of the same name.

  • The Reel Deal: Jungle Cruise

    Visually, Disney’s Jungle Cruise could be considered a mashup of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and stunt-fueled Indiana Jones movies, with elements of the 1951 Bogart-Hepburn film classic The African Queenthrown in for good measure.

  • The Reel Deal: Cruella

    In Disney’s 1961 animated feature 101 Dalmatians, based on a 1956 novel by Dodie Smith, we meet Cruella de Vil. (Could there be a more perfect first name to represent evil?)

  • The Reel Deal: Boogie

    It seems that there aren’t too many lines of work that 39-year-old Eddie Huang hasn’t been involved in.

  • The Reel Deal: Some Kind of Heaven

    Located 20 miles from Ocala in central Florida, The Villages began decades ago as a sprawling trailer park before being reconfigured along the lines of such thriving retiree havens as Sun City, Arizona.

  • The Reel Deal: No Time to Die

    An Aston-Martin sprays bullets from Gatling gun headlight cavities. Powerful motorcycles leap over low walls and roar across rooftops. Speeding high-end cars sail dramatically in slo-mo off steep cliffs.

  • The Reel Deal: The Glorias

    “The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off.”

    – Gloria Steinem

  • The Reel Deal: Mulan

    The original Mulan, released 22 summers ago, featured remarkable animation, well-defined characters, and a memorable soundtrack. It became a runaway box-office success and raked in $300 million worldwide.

  • The Reel Deal: Greyhound

    As a four-decade veteran of show business, 63-year-old Tom Hanks has earned two Academy Awards, five Golden Globes, and seven Emmys. And now, with the release of Sony Pictures’ Greyhound, he may have to make room on his awards shelf for a couple more.

  • The Reel Deal: The Way Back

    Blending a classic sports story with a tale of midlife crisis, Warner Brothers’ The Way Back isn’t a predictable Disney-type sports drama or an updated Hoosiers but an unflinching study of life’s pitfalls that can bring down the best and brightest of us.

  • The Reel Deal: The Last Full Measure

    In 1999, Todd Robinson, the director/screenwriter of The Last Full Measure, learned the story of William H. Pitsenbarger. Robinson had been researching a military movie and visiting training schools.

  • The Reel Deal: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

    Let’s get a couple of things straight here. The Thanksgiving-released A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is not your standard (and often incorrect) celebrity biopic.

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