• Booming Voice: Cursed by Cursive

    In sixth grade I was forced to miss at least a week’s worth of recess periods. I stayed in the classroom, while outside, my classmates were frolicking.

  • Booming Voice: Home Team

    Supposedly one’s introduction to a Red Sox game at Fenway is always the splendor of the grass. The fan walks up the ramp from the park’s dingy bowels into the glorious green of an outfield so immaculate it appears to have been mown by God.

  • Booming Voice: Time of My Life

    A few months ago, my childhood friend asked me if I would help out with our high school’s 50th reunion. I immediately said yes. Then I immediately had second thoughts.

  • Booming Voice: Shun-shine State

    During the three months that my wife and I wintered in Florida in 2018, we befriended a few small lizards who jumped right into our pool, but no fellow snowbirds.

  • Booming Voice: 100 Years Too Early

    My paternal grandparents’ Jan. 18 anniversary was a big deal in our family and elsewhere.

  • Booming Voice: Fun, Fun, Fun Until …

    A decade ago, my 88-year-old dad lamented being forced to stop driving.

  • Booming Voice: Old Granddad

    One of my least favorite bumper stickers is “Ask Me about My Grandkids” — for a couple of reasons.

  • Booming Voice: Heart to Heart

    Recently, during my 9-year-old Boston terrier’s second echocardiogram appointment, I was not, unlike the first appointment, focusing on the intimacy of Cookie’s beating heart tissue and blood flow on the screen.

  • Booming Voice: Grass over Turf

    As a grade schooler in the late 1950s, I really missed my dad on Saturdays. Dad would close down his dental practice at noon, come home, and then jump into a car with Grandpa and a few racing pals and head to the local horse track.

  • Booming Voice: Traditional Reading

    This past Chanukah I gave my 21-year-old son, Matt, a gift of a book. Compared to Matt’s other gifts of cool clothes and a Budweiser can candle, I feared that the book would be rated a distant third.

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